Monday, 14 October 2013

Bowra Birding

Chestnut-breasted Quail-thrush
A birding break to the outback - specifically Australian Wildlife Conservancy's property near Cunnamulla named Bowra - was recently enjoyed with two mates; Russell Lamb aka Russ and Steven [Steve of the Outback] McBride.

Birding started at quite the furious pace with the day and half drive netting some 125 bird species despite travelling for over eleven hours! Black-breasted Buzzard being a decent sighting in particular.

Scruffy looking sub adult Black-breasted Buzzard
Highlights at Bowra included the impossible to photo Hall's Babbler as well as Chestnut-crowned and Grey-crowned Babblers as well. Steve recorded a rare lifer [his 600th] with Chestnut-breasted Quail-thrush. We enjoyed great views of this uncommon specie. White breasted Treecreepers were seen well - although only one pair; in contrast with Brown Treecreepers which were every where on the property. Two Spotted Nightjars were seen well in the stony ridge country which is bisected by Bowra's main road. 

Major Mitchell
Dusky woodswallow

Sacred Kingfisher
  Parrots were well represented on Bowra - the highlight being  flocks of the beautiful Major Mitchell
Australian Reed-warbler
Cockatoos in addition to the common Galahs, the odd Little Corella and the even odder Sulphur-crested. Blue Bonnets plus Red-rumps were aslo present. Sadly no budgies nor Mulgas nor Cockatiels.

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Mary Valley

Mary River, near Kenilworth

A quick little trip west of Mapleton this morning took me down to the Mary Valley, through to the village of Kenilworth and beyond to the Fig Walk at Little Yabba Creek.

From the bridge above please imagine hearing Brown Honeyeaters and Restless Flycatchers. Imagine the surrounding fields being studiously 'grazed' by Cattle Egrets, Australian White and Straw Collared Ibis. Imagine too, two Australian Hobbies circling silently as Welcome Swalllows soar past and Sulphur crested Cockatoos noisily flap way over head. You will have to imagine all of these birds [save the Hobby who co-operated slightly by perching adjacent to me briefly] as I failed to get pictures.

Austalrian  Hobby 

It was a good morning for raptors for as well as the hobbies there were Black Shouldered Kites, a single Brown Falcon and oddly, a single Osprey soaring over the Little Yabba.

Black shouldered Kite

Brown Falcon

Farm Dams held the expected Australasian Grebes, Black Duck, Hardheads, Wood duck and my FOY Grey Teals. Black-fronted Dotterals and a pair of Red-kneed Dotterals were also seen. Good flocks of Topknots, a large grey and black rainforest pigeon were witnessed  - several hundreds at least. Good numbers of Masked Lapwings too with one paddock yielding some fifty birds.

Evans Head - Easter

Great Egret

Crested Pigeon
Crested Pigeon displaying
smart Silver Gull

Darter drying

the common Galah

the cleverly named White-cheeked Honeyeater

Coastal Heath, Evans Head, northern NSW

Melaleuca Swamp

Coastal heath with Xanthorheas in the foreground

Laugghing Kookaburra


Swamp Wallabies - the common macropod in these parts

Beach at Sharky's - a clever name to invite tourists.